Police to deploy drones at Hillsborough stadium during Steel City derby

Police will be using drones during the Sheffield derby tonight to watch the crowd for safety purposes.

Footage from the drones will be relayed to police on the ground to help organise the deployment of officers.

Chief Superintendent Shaun Morley said: “In particular, the aircraft can aid us in monitoring how crowds are forming ahead of kick-off, but more importantly dispersing people after the match.”

It will be a first for South Yorkshire Police using the equipment at a football match.

Chief Superintendent Morley added: “If you see our drone, there is no need to worry, it is being used for your safety and to make sure you can enjoy the game.”

South Yorkshire Police announced that they will start using drones in April last year.

They said then in a Facebook post: “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?…Well sort of, it’s an SYP drone. Coming to a neighbourhood near you soon.”

Sheffield Wednesday will play Sheffield United at 7.45pm this evening.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons