Police launches “week of action” to tackle organised crime in Broomhall

A “week of action” is underway this week in Broomhall to tackle organised crime such as drug dealing and knife violence.

Police are joining the council to carry out security checks and target criminals.

Detective Inspector Graham Bulmer of South Yorkshire Police said: “You are likely to see more of our officers on the streets than usual this week, and if you do, go and talk to them about your concerns.”

“Weeks like these are vital for building long term community relationships in different parts of the city.”

The initiative involves carrying out vulnerability checks at key locations in the area, which will help safeguard people living here.

Police are also running street-based youth services for teenagers and children.

Even though the main aim of the “week of action” is to help the community, Broomhall councillor Kaltum Rivers stated that locals were not directly involved in the planning process.

She said: “No community has been involved, but they have plans to do so. It could be successful if the community voice is heard”

According to police records obtained by Hallam FM, 12 knife crimes were registered in Broomhall in 2017.

Even though the council and the police did not directly involve the community this time, local residents are invited to a litter pick at the end of the week.

Councillor Rivers stated that the main aim of the pick will be to look for knives among the litter.