Petition launched to install a memorial plaque for student who died fighting ISIS

An e-petition is urging Sheffield City Council to erect a memorial plaque for a University of Sheffield student who died while fighting against ISIS.

Anna Campbell died in March 2018 while fighting in the Kurdish Women’s Protection Units, an all-female militia. They were struggling to remove the Islamic State from the Rojava region of Syria.

Kevin Ryan, who started the petition, said: “Anna stands in this rich tradition of internationalism and anti-fascism, she gave up the comfort of life in Western Europe to fight on foreign soil for the freedom of people in Rojava.

He added: “Given that she spent an important part of her life as a student Sheffield, I think it is appropriate that we honour her memory in the Steel City.”

This petition asks the City Council to install a permanent memorial plaque in the Peace Gardens. It is supported by the Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign and has been widely shared on social media. Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid and Guardian columnist Owen Jones were among the ones who spread the word about it. The petition so far has 69 signatures.

Anna Campbell was studying in Sheffield ten years ago when she became active in student protests against the government-proposed tripling of university fees. As an activist, she was part of many protest groups, among them the Hunt Saboteurs Association and the Anarchist Black Cross.

Mr Ryan said: “Many on the far-right have tried to capitalise on the fight against ISIS, but it is those such as Anna with their commitment to internationalism, peace and justice who have put their lives on the line – many paying the ultimate price – on the frontlines.”

Featured image: Kevin Ryan/Twitter