Petition launched to honour Sheffield flypast hero with MBE

A petition has been launched to honour Tony Foulds with an MBE.

This follows his efforts to maintain a memorial which commemorated the victims of a 1944 plane crash in Endcliffe Park.

Mr Foulds was only a young boy when a plane – known as Mi Amigo – avoided many children including himself and crashed in Endcliffe Park woods.

Now, many on social media are calling for Mr Foulds, who maintained a memorial in honour of the victims, to be rewarded with an MBE in honour of those who lost their lives that day.

Mr Foulds maintained the memorial in Endcliffe Park and with the help of Dan Walker and BBC Breakfast, he secured a flypast to commemorate the 75th anniversary.

When the idea of being presented with an MBE was mooted to Mr Foulds at the flypast, he said: “We’ll see about that.”

“Of course, thousands said that I should be knighted, that sort of thing, you know.”

Richard Bancroft, 79, who knows Mr Foulds, was at the flypast event on Friday.

He said: “It is excellent. I think it will put Sheffield on the map, we need this.”

Upon hearing about the possibility of Mr Foulds receiving an MBE, Mr Bancroft felt overjoyed.

He said: “If anyone deserves one it is Tony. Other schoolboys forgot the crash but he put in hard work to remember the people who died.

“His hard work is what Sheffield is all about.”

People of all ages attended the flypast event on Friday morning

People on Twitter agreed, and many strongly believed Mr Foulds should be rewarded for his efforts.

It is believed that the aircraft was planning to make a crash landing on the field of the park but swerved out of the way of multiple children – including Tony – and landed in the woods.

A parliamentary petition has been launched and social media users are urging people to sign.

You can find the petition below.