Petition handed in to fight Wincobank houses being built

Residents are fighting the development of 22 new houses on a Roman road in Wincobank Hill yesterday, launching a petition for the second time.

The online petition, which was started by Bridget Ingle, daughter of former boxing coach Brendan Ingle, received over 2,500 signatures in two weeks.

She said: “We’re going through the whole process again.

“We’re really passionate about protecting this land that the planning officers seem to think is worthless to us and to Sheffield as a whole.”

The houses would be built on land that is widely believed to be the site of an ancient Roman road known as the Roman Ridge.

The Roman ridge

The residents were successful in blocking a planning application on the same plot in 2012.

Councillor Jack Scott, the Cabinet Member responsible for planning, said the application did not seem to be much better than the one last time.

“It is an absolutely green and beautiful part of our city.

“I understand the frustration that is clearly quite deeply felt within the community.

“We’re not in a position to reject a planning application outright because that would be improper,” he added.

However, he assured the residents if the planning committee did decide to reject the application then they would do what they could to support them in winning any appeals.