Penistone & Stocksbridge swings to Conservatives

Labour stronghold Penistone and Stocksbridge has swung to the Conservatives in what has turned out to be a historic election.

The results for the constituency were announced at around 4am this morning.

Miriam Cates, candidate for the Conservative party, won 47.8% of the constituency votes, with Francyne Johnson lagging behind at 33.3%.

She said: “We’ve made history here in South Yorkshire tonight. For too long, there has been a sense of frustration in our area.

“We have felt left behind, held back and un-represented, but tonight, the people of Penistone and Stocksbridge have chosen a fresh start.”

Labour lost -12.5% of their vote share in comparison to the voting figures for the 2017 election.

Exit polls estimated the swing when voting ended yesterday evening, showing a strong likelihood that Labour would lose the seat.  

The previous election highlighted the seat as marginal when Labour MP Angela Smith won by a difference of only 1,322 votes against Conservative Nicola Wilson.

Labour has held Penistone and Stocksbridge for over a decade.

The constituency voted Leave in the 2016 EU referendum. It is possible that the 60% majority the Leave campaign held in the constituency influenced this morning’s result.

The Conservatives’ win joins Rother Valley and Don Valley in drastically changing the political makeup of South Yorkshire overnight.