Parents raise over £30,000 for dying son

Over £30,000 has been raised to give a proper send off for terminally ill child Jack Lacey.

Jack’s parents Wesley Lacey, 28, and Rebecca Oldham, 29, set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ page in order to raise money for Jack’s final days, including day trips, holidays and a new dog which he hopes to call Waffle.

A cancerous tumour was found on the brain of Jack, aged 3, leaving him with between six months to a year to live.

As of today the parents have smashed their £30,000 target, raising £38,705 as it stands. Donations are still incoming.

Providing an update on the situation, Wesley Lacey said: “Thank you so much for your lovely messages, your mental, physical, financial support.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of messages of love and kindness.”

Jack has been diagnosed with a Diffuse Pontine Glioma (DPG) and is beginning radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

While the causes of DPG are unknown, they are known to originate in an area of the brain called the pons, which controls functions such as breathing, sleeping and bloody pressure.

Symptoms only appeared in recent weeks but doctors have said that the tumour had been growing for months.

The tumour is fast and aggressive, meaning treatment can only prolong the child’s life.

Writing on the charity page, Jack’s parents said: “Jack has always been a leader, a fighter, so, so bright, funny and really loving.

“His biggest passions have been his Bicycle which he has ridden pretty much every day and taken everywhere since being one.

“He never stops talking, joking and will play his little heart out, even when sick, as we have recently seen.

“He will be missed beyond words.”

The Brain Tumour Charity describe DPG as one of the deadliest forms of brain tumors in children.

They are currently funding a trial to test improved treatments for children with DPG.

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