“Operation Alligator”: Rotherham Neighbourhood team conducts successful action against knife crime

A Rotherham policing initiative let officers carry out searches with knife wands and perform wipe downs for cocaine in seven pubs last Thursday.

The knife searches were carried out with the full support of staff and customers at every location, according to a press release by South Yorkshire Police. Four out of the seven bars’ bathrooms tested positive for traces of cocaine after the wipe downs.

Sergeant Simon Kirkham who led the action said: “This latest operation is just one of many deployments planned for the operation- we’d like to reassure the people of Rotherham that their voices are being heard, and we have a brilliant team in place to tackle crime, and achieve positive results as a result of our dedicated initiative.”

Operation Alligator was launched in March 2018 to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime in the area. The operation soon saw the arrests of alleged nuisance drivers and drug dealers.

Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Billings said after last week’s action:
“Our work will continue, and the locations in question will continue to benefit from an increased police presence. We would like to reiterate out thanks and appreciation to the public, and the staff at each of the public houses visited for their support in this initiative.”

Featured image by South Yorkshire Police