Old favourites and a new menu as Twisted Burger Company relaunches

Twisted Burger Company has launched a brand new menu at the Sheffield city centre bar, The Wick at Both Ends.

Last month there was dismay across Sheffield when the beloved music venue and eatery, The Harley – where Twisted Burger Co was previously based – closed its doors.

However, the franchise has now found a brand new home at the Wick, which is located on West Street.

Alongside old favourites including the Sleeps vegan burger, Pig Daddy Kane, and the Holy Cluck burger, there is now an expanded range of pizzas.

This extends to a five pound mixtape meal deal, where punters can make up their own pizza, similar to the existing and popular mixtape meal deal for burgers.

A new range of ‘G’rillaz’ kebabs are among the most notable additions to the menu. These include vegan “prawn” and “doner” kebabs.

New sides include pizza fries, mozzarella dough balls, and goats cheese and spinach dough balls.

The previously popular milkshake range appears to have been discontinued.

For burger lovers across Sheffield who mourned The Harley closing, there will be some solace in the return of its distinctive burgers, with some new twists to boot.