Ofsted report says Doncaster schools among England’s worst

Doncaster schools are among the worst in England, an Ofsted report has said. Only 52% of pupils in the local authority are attending a good or outstanding secondary school.

The local authority has shown signs of improvement over the last five years, and was 15% better than 2015.

The report also showed that 100% of secondary schools in Doncaster are under academy control.

Schools Partnership Trust Academies, who run a number of academies in Doncaster re-branded as Delta Academies Trust in September, as part of a move to drive up standards.

For primary schools the authority also scored poorly, and were in the bottom 10 authorities nationwide for pupils attending a good or outstanding school.

Only 46% of the authority’s primary school pupils reached the expected standards.

Sir Michael Wilshaw released his final annual report as Chief Executive of education department Ofsted this morning, after a four-year tenure.

Results across South Yorkshire for secondary schools were better, with 91% of Rotherham secondary school pupils being in a good or outstanding school.

Sheffield, and Barnsley trailed behind with 79% and 66% respectively.

The rest of the county’s Primary Schools fared better than Doncaster, but all were under the national average of 88%.

Early years education for the wider region was in line with the national average at 91%.

Further Education provision in the county is some of the best in England. 92% were good or outstanding in August 2016, higher than the national average of 77%.

In his report, Sir Michael also said that a gap between good secondary schools in the north and Midlands compared with the south, is growing.

135,000 more children in the north and Midlands attend an underperforming secondary school, compared with the south of the country.

Sir Michael will retire as head of Ofsted at the end of the year. His replacement, Amanda Spielman, is currently Ofqual exams regulator chair.