Ofo to launch hundreds more scan-and-ride bikes in Sheffield

With the fastest and largest launch in the UK so far, Ofo bikes have gained immense popularity with the people of Sheffield.

The bikes were launched in the city on 9 January 2018, but already the ‘geo-zone’ within which the bikes must be returned has already been extended slightly southward, out to Meersbrook and the northern edge of Millhouses Park.

The most popular areas in the city now include Sheffield railway station, the University of Sheffield, Kelham Island and Hillsborough Stadium.

To make use of the bikes, riders must download the Ofo smartphone app and unlock the nearest bike via Bluetooth. Ofo does not require users to pay a deposit before they use the bikes, but riders are charged 50p for a half-hour ride.

Ofo also employs ‘geofencing’ technology to ensure that riders use the bikes within the designated ‘Home Zone,’ which is clearly visible in the app.

The bikes are fitted with bright dynamo front lights, solar powered rear lights and a front basket. They have a hydraulically-adjusted seat-post, too, which allows riders of all heights to get comfortable in just a few seconds.

There are now 1,000 Ofo bikes dotted all over the city, but Ofo plans to introduce hundreds more yellow cycles to Sheffield this summer.