Norton Playing Fields will open in February, Sport Sheffield has announced

A revised date has been revealed for the opening of a multi-million pound sports development in Sheffield.

Norton Playing Fields will open in February following its redevelopment, Sport Sheffield has announced.

The facilities will replace the University of Sheffield’s Goodwin Sports Centre, on Northumberland Road, which is due to be knocked down to build a new social sciences building.

The development includes two new pitches, one for hockey and a multi-sport pitch mainly used for football and rugby. As well as this there will be new floodlights, refurbished changing rooms and more parking. It was originally meant to re-open in November but was delayed.

Andy Cox, head of Sport Sheffield, said: “The main issues we faced were around planning permission and where to place the pitches. The new position for the pitches is the fourth one we have tried, but through consultation with students and the community, we have found a position that everyone is happy with.”

Although the pitches are owned by the University of Sheffield Andy Cox said the new facilities will be used by the whole community.

“We envisage this being used by the community for the schools and clubs across the city of Sheffield. In particular, Newfield High School has been involved from the start and we’ve been talking to them all the way through. The school has been really enthusiastic and sees it as a massive benefit.

“This will lead to a reciprocal arrangement as we may be using the school for parking for the facilities.”