No suspicious circumstances in Barnsley drug death

The inquest into the death of a Barnsley woman has found that she died from heroin toxicity via an overdose.

Kayleigh Hallsworth, 30, was found dead at a friend’s apartment after a night of drug use last year and a post-mortem examination revealed evidence of cocaine, ethanol and morphine amongst other substances.

Coroner Kate Dickinson recorded the verdict at the Sheffield Medico-Legal Centre today after testimony from Detective Constable Steven Ramsbottom of Barnsley CID.

DC Ramsbottom said Ms Hallsworth had been an almost daily user of heroin for three years prior to her death, with long-term cocaine use also known.

She was known to always ensure she used drugs at her home so there were people around her who could take care of her when she was suffering from the effects of the drugs, according to DC Ramsbottom.

However, it was at the home of a friend, Anthony Steele, that she was found after a night of drug and alcohol use.

Mr Steele had woken up the morning after in his apartment, believing himself to be alone. After leaving the flat to visit the chemist to receive a controlled measure of methadone, he returned to the flat and went to his bathroom, finding the door locked.

After opening it with a knife, he found Ms Hallsworth’s body inside. Believing her to be asleep, he attempted to revive her but she was unresponsive.

Ambulance crews attended the scene and pronounced her dead.

Ms Dickinson reconfirmed the findings of DC Ramsbottom that there was no evidence of foul play or suspicious circumstances and that heroin toxicity had been the cause of death.

“She was very young at 30 years old, and it is a very sad situation,” she said.