#Sheffrubbish: Needles causing real problems in Park Hill

Needles left as a result of drug use in the Park Hill area are a growing problem according to council workers.

Richard, who works for Parks and Countryside, an offshoot of Sheffield City Council, said he had noticed a large increase not only in litter but also in the number of needles whilst carrying out litter picking on South Street.

He said: “At the moment it gets really bad at night. We have gangs of youths drinking, smashing bottles, and leaving litter all about.

“We have lots of needles, there is a big problem in this area with drug users who used to be in the flats but are now moving into the green space.

“We have got disposable boxes, and if you put them in that they will obviously be destroyed.”

Drug paraphernalia litter is becoming more common on South Street.

The Sheffield Drug and Alcohol Co-ordination Team (DACT) have taken steps in the last year to make it easier to dispose of used needles in the hope of reducing risk to the general public.

Needle Exchanges were set up across Sheffield giving people access to clean needles and with the ability to dispose of them correctly. Disposal is provided free of charge at a number of locations city wide and is available to anyone who requests it.