Mum of childhood cancer survivor sells Christmas gifts for charity that supported her

A Sheffield mum whose son had cancer in his childhood is raising money for charity by selling Christmas baskets and gifts this year.

Diane Hallewell, who lives in Beighton, has already raised £6,000 for the Parents Association of Children with Tumours and Leukaemia (PACT) and hopes to reach £10,000 by March 2020.

We know first-hand what PACT does, not only for the children, but for the parents. I’m so grateful for the amount of support I recieved when my son had cancer.”

Diane tells us why PACT means so much to her, and shows us some of her home-made Christmas gifts!

Every year she fundraises by selling Christmas cards for PACT, but this year she is going the extra mile.

For the first time, she will be selling home-made chocolate bouquets and baskets for people to give as gifts.

Each beautifully wrapped basket and bouquet has a variety of different chocolates.

A bouquet or basket has around £5-10 worth of chocolate in, and all the money made off their sale goes to PACT.

The money from selling baskets and bouqets goes straight back to PACT

Diane hopes that even the smallest donations can go towards supporting families who need it over the festive period.

Three years ago, Diane was diagnosed with breast cancer. This meant it was difficult to commit time to raising money.

But in March, she woke up one morning and set her sights on raising £6,000.

This involved holding a raffles, talent shows, hosting a clairvoyant night, and skydiving. The skydiving alone raised over £1,000, and she was able to reach her £6,000 target.

Since reaching her goal, she has set herself a new one, £10,000.

It hasn’t been about the amount of money raised, it’s been about me enjoying things and raising awareness of PACT. I know more people know about PACT now and that’s been good for me.”

For PACT, £10,000 could go towards paying rent for their two caravans. At these sites, children and their families get well-needed time away from hospitals and doctors appointments.

Children who are still in treatment can go to the caravan in Filey. Once children are in recovery, they can enjoy a holiday at the caravan in Berwick-Upon-Tweed.

Ms Hallewell said: “The caravan means a lot to me because that’s where we took my son when he was in recovery.”

In addition to selling Christmas gifts, Diane will be collecting money throughout December and hosting a raffle on the 22nd at Crystal Peaks .