MP Angela Smith publicly apologises over ‘funny tinge’ comment

MP Angela Smith has publicly apologised following a row over a comment she made on Politics Live today.

In a discussion on the problem of racism in the UK, in a response Ms Smith said: “It’s not just about being black or a funny tinge.”

The comment sparked outcry on social media and many people took to Twitter to express their discontent.

Following the backlash, Ms Smith released the apology and said: “I’m very sorry about any offence caused and I am very upset that I misspoke so badly, it’s not what I am.”

People have been reacting to the apology on Twitter, including Islington Labour Counsellor Claudia Webbe.

Jim Waterson, Media Editor at the Guardian, also spoke out about the apology.

Many have criticised the fact that ‘The Independent Group’ was set up under an anti-racist mandate and consider Ms Smith’s comments are in opposition to that.

The slip comes at a crucial time in the new party’s development, having announced it’s conception only a few hours ago.

The next question on everybody’s mind is whether the party, and Ms Smith, can recover.