Morning Briefing, May 4

In South Yorkshire

Electorate set to poll-dance

Politically, like the rest of Britain, South Yorkshire lives in increasingly interesting times. A collapsing Labour support, with apparently little alternative for dyed-in the wool voters, and Brexit casting a long, de-regulated shadow over proceedings means all the old certainties are gone. Voters are set to go to the ballot box in Doncaster, for both their mayor and for the local council, and in North Derbyshire for their local council.

Many will look to play the results both ways; that it’s either something that gives a litmus test on how the General Election will go next month, or it’s not comparable at all. Our gifted statistician Tim Stickings (who Excels at that sort of thing) will have a delve into numbers tomorrow to see if there’s any trends we can draw from it.

We’ll be reporting from all the elections in the area, in what could be a fascinating night locally.

Green Party to try and disprove Alan Hansen

In one of the most notorious lines of football punditry, Alan Hansen once said about Manchester United’s 1990s youth team powered squad, that “You can’t win anything with kids.”

In announcing the Green Party’s candidates for the three Sheffield constituencies today, the Greens, at least partially will try and challenge that.

Logan Robin, a second year Politics and German student from the University of Sheffield, who is also the chair of Sheffield Youth for Europe, is set to stand for the Green Party in Sheffield Hallam against Nick Clegg.

We’ve got the low-down on the confirmation, along with a certain Natalie Bennett running against Paul Blomfield, in a shock move that nobody saw. What does that mean for the ‘Progressive Alliance’?



Man set to retire in Brexit Britain aged 95

In another move that shows how hard-working, and committed to Blighty our glorious citizens are, a 95-year old man has only just retired.

Given there’s concerns over the Conservative’s Triple Lock on pensions, perhaps this may be the norm within a few decades?

Of course, Prince Philip has been a solid consort to The Queen. She’s described him as ‘her rock’, and he’s lit up newspaper pages over the years with some rather questionable comments. He’ll be missed.