Miliband capitalises on leave-voter split to hold on to Doncaster North

Ed Miliband has been re-elected in Doncaster North despite pro-Brexit parties collectively receiving almost 6,000 more votes than the former Labour leader.

Mr Miliband ended the night on 15,740 votes which was 10,000 less than his 2017 result, but he still managed to surpass Katrina Sale’s 13,370.

The Conservative candidate said she was pleased with the results but a little disappointed as she was so close to winning against a “political titan” in Mr Miliband.

Ms Sale said: “You really don’t expect that you could beat someone like him but you just start wondering.

“Anyway, we are where we are. Doncaster ended up with a new Conservative MP and it’s the start of a new era and a time of change.

“The Brexit Party took a number of our votes which is very frustrating but they also took a lot of votes off Labour.

“I just wonder whether the picture would’ve been that different had they not run. In reality, there is still a lot of people here who would never vote for Conservative.”

Speaking after the announcement, Brexit Party candidate Andrew Stewart, who received 8,294 votes in Doncaster North, told JUS News that he was finally relaxed.

He said: “I’m happy that more than 20 percent of the people here voted for me.

“I’ve never voted Labour, nor Conservative, but a Tory victory may mean getting more money for developing Doncaster from the central government.”

Mr Stewart admits that he knew the risks of running against the Tories and splitting votes.

“I know we had fewer votes than the Tories. Had we pulled out in Doncaster they probably would have won it.

“Had the Tories given us something little back, we would’ve probably won. They wanted to take, take, take, so it didn’t happen.”