Men’s mental health club opens in Rotherham

Andy’s Man Club, a national organisation dedicated to helping men open up about mental health problems, hosted their first meeting in Rotherham on Monday.

The club now provides an informal and non-judgemental space for men to talk about their problems in 25 locations across the UK.

Matt Lucas, 45, who previously attended club in Sheffield, is one of the facilitators of the new branch.

He said “Because of the benefit I’d got from the Sheffield club I wanted to give a little back so I set up the Rotherham club with the help of a few others.”

In the UK the highest suicide rate among men aged 45-49 and men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women

Matt hopes the club will tackle this issue in Rotherham by encouraging men to open up about their feelings.

New members are welcome every week, there is no obligation to speak and everyone is given an opportunity to get stuff off their chest.

“Come along and share your problem to people who will listen to them because talking makes things better. Get things off your chest, don’t keep them inside,” he said.

The first Andy’s Man Club was set up in 2016 by former rugby league player Luke Ambler after his 23 year-old brother-in-law killed himself.

Their social media campaign went viral with many celebrities showing their support by tweeting #itsokaytotalk.

“It’s become an integral part to my life now. Many of us say we can’t imagine doing anything else on a Monday evening. It got me through a really difficult spell and I’ll be forever grateful for that,” said Matt.

Sessions take place every Monday at 7pm at The Centre in Brinsworth and the first was a big success.

Matt talks about how Andy’s Man Club changes lives.