Man guilty of triple assault on wife

A 39-year-old man has been found guilty of a triple assault on his wife after he attacked her with a knife and some kebab skewers.

Mehdi Mohebbi, Wincobank Avenue, had denied assaulting his wife on three separate occasions on the 23 March 2018.

The court heard how Mohebbi moved to England from Iran in 2002, marrying his wife in his homeland in 2015 before she joined him in Sheffield in 2016.

The couple received benefits on the condition Mrs Mohebbi attended Sheffield College to improve her English so she could find work.

Both Mohebbi and his wife were required to sign-on to receive their benefit but, on the day in question Mrs Mohebbi refused to accompany her husband to the job centre.

Prosecutor Gareth Henderson said this was a reaction to Mohebbi’s controlling behaviour.

He said Mohebbi controlled the couple’s finances and gave her little money to spend on herself as well as limiting her social time with friends.

Mohebbi became angry at his wife’s refusal and kicked her multiple times, bruising her legs.

He then left the house before returning to try and force his wife to attend the job centre.

When she again refused he hit her several times with some kebab skewers. Pictures presented by the prosecution showed Mrs Mohebbi had sustained red marks on her back consistent with the shape of the skewers.

Mohebbi went to the job centre by himself and was able to claim the couple’s benefits before returning home again.

When he entered the house Mohebbi picked up a glass cup and threw it at his wife, narrowly missing her and hitting the wall.

She was able to flee to the bathroom to call the police before Mohebbi forced his way in to drag her out.

Mr Henderson then told the court how Mohebbi picked up a knife and threatened to kill his wife. When police arrived at the couple’s house Mohebbi was holding his wife in one hand and the knife in the other.

Magistrates found Mohebbi guilty of the three assaults.

He was found not guilty of a further charge of coercive control which he had also denied. Magistrates accepted that Mohebbi received the couple’s benefits to help finance the household and agreed that his wife’s funds had not been restricted.

Sentencing was adjourned until the 21 May and Mohebbi was released on bail until that time.