Man banned from Greggs after hitting customer with sandwich

A Sheffield man has received a lifetime ban from Greggs after hitting a customer with a sandwich when they accused him of trying to steal it.

Neil Clevely Kerry, 46, stole the £2.50 sandwich before launching it at the customer and attacking them at the Market Place shop, Sheffield Magistrates’ Court heard on Friday (15).

Kerry, of Reynolds Close, Dronfield, also pleaded guilty to shouting racist abuse at a police officer who later arrested him on 12 December 2018.

Prosecution lawyer Alison Goldsmith told the court a customer, Mr Tempest-Massey, had been shopping at Greggs when he noticed Kerry stealing a sandwich and asked him to return it.

Prosecutor Alison Goldsmith said: “Mr Kerry reacted by throwing the sandwich at Mr Massey, and shouting ‘I’ll smash your face in, you fat b*****d.’”

Kerry then took a spray can out of his pocket to threaten Mr Massey, Miss Goldsmith told the court.

Police arrived and when they took Kerry to the police station, he shouted racist abuse at the driver.

Ms Goldsmith told the court: “He said ‘You f*****g Muslim, why have you got him driving? You’re going to hate Brexit.’”

Defence lawyer Andrew Dalrymple asked the court to consider Kerry’s circumstances.  

He told the court Kerry had had no brushes with the law between 2007 and 2015.

Kerry’s mother died in 2015 and since then he had been back and forth for several cases involving assault, Mr Dalrymple said.

He had been abusing alcohol and amphetamines as he struggled to cope with the loss.

“The death of his mother was the precipitating factor of these assaults,” said Mr Dalrymple.

Mr Dalrymple asked the court to consider that Kerry was homeless at the time of the assault, but now lives with his sister and was no longer abusing drugs or alcohol.

Kerry was released on conditional bail. He will be sentenced tomorrow (Tuesday).