Magna Mayhem promises an action-packed adventure for kids

School holidays often conjure up images of children causing mayhem, playing around in their homes. One Rotherham event gives kids a chance to use this energy to jump, bounce, slide and boogie on inflatable attractions.

Magna Mayhem, which promises an actioned packed, high-adrenaline adventure for kids, opened at the Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham this Friday.
The event is held every year during school holidays, and boasts to be Yorkshire’s largest indoor inflatable adventure zone.

Sarah Watson, event manager at Magna Mayhem, said she wanted to give kids something to do in their holidays that wears them out.

“The kids are desperate for fun things to do. We saw this as a concept that was going to be something fun and exciting for them,” she said.

Kids and parents circle the whirling, swirling, rainbow-coloured woo-woo











The choices are endless, kids can climb an inflatable mountain, whizz around a 15ft helter-skelter, plunge down a slide, or boogie in the ‘Candy Twist Disco Dome’.

The event has been running sold-out sessions, with 120 children having a blast under one roof for 75 minutes.

Each year the event adds more inflatables and sessions for kids after taking feedback from parents. They also put on specialist sessions for children with autism and for those under five.

A young girl emerges joyfully from the whirling, swirling, rainbow-coloured woo-woo

It is primarily aimed at children under 11, whose parents can accompany them without charge.

“We guarantee exhausted children and we really want to make sure they have a fun time. We’re gonna get more inflatables, more excitement, and lots more for them to do,” Ms Watson said.

A mother bundles her child through a mystical portal in the turquoise space blob

The event also helps to raise funds for the science attractions at Magna Science Adventure Centre, which is built on a site of a former steel mill.

Ms Watson said the science adventure centre is run by a charity, as it does not receive enough funding from the local government to sustain itself.

“So it’s events like this that have to come together to get that charity to keep that provision there for the children, for the families, and the community at Rotherham and Sheffield,” said Ms Watson.

Magna Mayhem will be on at the Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham till Wednesday, 21 February.