Magid Magid says there will be a civic reception for Sheffield United

Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid has hinted at plans to celebrate Sheffield United gaining promotion to the Premier League.

Magid, who supports United, said he is “ecstatic” after the club officially went up yesterday.

Previous promotions have seen open-top bus parades and players welcomed to the Town Hall.

“We’ll definitely be having some sort of civic reception for them,” Magid told JUS News.

“Chris Wilder and the team have been absolutely amazing. It’s going to do so much not just for Sheffield United, but Sheffield as a whole.”

He also responded to fans’ pleas on social media to let Wilder fulfil his dream of wearing the Lord Mayor’s famous chain.

“Oh yeah, he can have it,” Magid said. “It’s only worth like a quarter of a million pound. I’m sure we’ll be doing something, some event.

“It’s just amazing news to be honest.”

Magid also spoke about his experiences while running the London Marathon yesterday.

“I completely underestimated it,” he said. “I probably should have trained for it, but I enjoyed it honestly.

“It was an amazing atmosphere. But I’m in no rush to do it again.”