Lottery funding kick starts conservation projects across north-west Sheffield

£3.4 million pounds has been raised to fund conservation projects in north-west Sheffield.

The Sheffield Lakeland Landscape Partnership (SLLP) aims to use the money to conserve and celebrate the natural, built and cultural heritage of the area.

20 partner organisations including Yorkshire Water, Sheffield City Council and the Steel Valley Project are involved in the scheme.

Tom Newman, Project Manager of the Steel Valley Project, said: “We’re looking forward to working on this diverse variety of projects in the Sheffield Lakeland Landscape Partnership over the next four years.

“The work will provide a good mix of volunteering opportunities and long lasting improvements to the area.”

£2.6 million was raised by the National Lottery Players for wildlife, heritage and cultural projects in October last year and the remaining £800,00 came from in-kind contributions and match funding.

A number of improvements have been planned including clearing Japanese Knotweed in Stocksbridge and the restoration of a historical bandstand in Fox Glen, Deepcar.