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The Summary

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1700: Someone in Barnsley has won £1 million and a luxury holiday from the EuroMillions – but hasn’t returned their tickets to claim their reward!

If you don’t want it, please tweet @danbarkr and I will happily take it off your hands. If you do want it, for whatever reason, you have 30th July to claim your prizes.

1620: “All you need is love.” Read the story of Aaron Wood, who died of a rare terminal brain tumor at just 24. 

Aaron donated his brain to a UK-wide “brain bank”, which helps medical experts prevent others suffering his premature fate.

1610: Read more about Sheffield’s A&E performance as Sheffield Children’s survives the winter crisis. Jim Mackey, Chief Executive of NHS Improvement, said:

“NHS providers are treating more patients than ever before, which is a tribute to the hard work and commitment of their staff. But times are extremely challenging, and things are unlikely to get any easier in the short term.”

1548: You might have heard of the Teddy Bear’s Picnic, but probably not the Teddy Bear Hospital.

Louisa Adams went down to learn more about Weston Park Museum’s unusual visitors.

1530: Good news. Getting home should be a bit easier than getting to work was this morning.

1520: Missed out on First Dates because an ungrateful partner has tied you down? Living in constant fear that you’ll never be able to meet Fred Sirieix? Free at 4pm? If you said yes to all these questions today is your lucky day as you have the chance to meet the self-styled “nations favourite Maitre D.”

The event, held in the University of Sheffield Students’ Union, will give you the chance to question the French-man on love, politics and everything in between

1500: Delays continue on Sheffield Supertram Yellow routes as Stagecoach apologise for a day of delays.

1445: Think it’s all EIS and easy at the Sheffield Indoor Trials? You’re wrong. Richard Kilty says that his running spikes were stolen by a rival at the English Institute of Sport (EIS), forcing him to run in shoes that were “a size-and-half too big” to compete in. He said that:

“Everything was going smoothly, I headed to the call room and my spikes weren’t there. The physios tipped up every bed and every bag and they weren’t there. My mind was going a million miles an hour and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to run.”

Emma Bowden has the full story.

1430: Blue Horrobin punched a PE teacher in a Doncaster bar. The next day the teacher was found dead.

Justice Holgate said that Horrobin posed “a serious threat to the public”.

Find out more here.

1420: More statistics about Sheffield’s A&E’s. Last quarter 68,419 people walked through the doors. 53,213 at Northern General and 15,206 at Sheffield Children’s.

The report also shows that all of England’s ambulance providers fell below target – failing to meet the 19 minute target to arrive after a 999 call.

1355: The latest from Sheffield Wednesday’s press conference.

1345: The NHS Quality Performance review shows Sheffield’s hospitals A&E performance varied widely last quarter.

 97% of children at Sheffield Children’s Accident and Emergency department were seen and either admitted or discharged within four hours, making it one of the best performing in the country.

In Sheffield’s other major A&E department – run by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals – only 84% of people were dealt with within the four-hour target, way below the 95% target.

More soon.

1333: A 23-year-old man has been found guilty of manslaughter after killing a primary school teacher.

Blue Horrobin, from Askern, killed 24-year-old Lewis Siddall with a single punch in August 2015 in Doncaster. Horrobin has been sentenced to eight years in prison and three years on license.

More to follow.

1320: Drake was in Sheffield at the weekend. Rachel Lewis has the reaction.

It turns out that he really loves Sheffield. So much so he wants us to call him on his cell phone. If we’re lucky we might be in for more than just One Dance.  But will he think this Forever or is it just Too Good? 

1300: Councillors are reassuring people about the safety of Sheffield’s streets … from Egypt.

1247: Your Council Tax is going up by 4.9% in April, but the Local Government Association says that it’s not enough. “Extra council tax income will not bring in anywhere near enough money to alleviate the growing pressure on social care both now and in the future,” the Chairman of the LGA says.

1235: Want to enjoy the only mildly warm day of the year? Get out of your office and head down to Barker’s Pool and you might see Maxwell Thorpe. Seen here singing opera, he has been busking for four years. If you didn’t manage to see him today you’ll be lucky to find him Sheffield again – he goes all around South Yorkshire sharing his talent.

1222: More on the weekend’s shooting. Senior investigating officer, Joanne Bates, said:

“We are still exploring a number of lines of enquiry in relation to Mr Al-Essaie’s death and any witnesses are urged to come forward. I would like to reassure the community that we are doing everything possible to determine the exact circumstances of the incident.”

1220: With another Trump protest in Sheffield, we want to know if you think The Donald should be awarded a state visit.

1156: I don’t like cricket…

 1150: Did you know about yet another Trump protest in South Yorkshire? There’s one this evening at Devonshire Green at 5pm. Ashley Birch has the run down. 

1140: Sick of your kids already this half-term? Need to get them out of the house before you lose the will to live? Well,  good news; head down to Sheffield city centre where the Children’s Activity Week taking place in the Winter Gardens.

The event, organised by Sheffield Hallam University, gets your little ones salsa dancing, playing Spelling Hopscotch, and playing with arts and crafts.

1130: Mega retailer Amazon is opening a new warehouse in Doncaster, part of the companies move into grocery delivery. It will be opening another two “fulfillment centres” in the country and is creating an extra 5000 jobs.

1115: The ‘NHS improvement quarterly’ report which was due out at 1100 today has been delayed until 1300. Follow JUS News to find out what it says about our region’s hospitals.

1055: A 23-year-old man who was shot last Saturday has been named by South Yorkshire Police as Assel Al-Essaie.

Assel Al-Essaie, who was shot on Saturday 18 February in Sheffield.

A 30-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder. He is currently in police custody.