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13.16 we’re live in Derbyshire talking to Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins

13.04 – BREAKING NEWS: Conservatives take control of Derby County Council

With seven seats left to declare, this is how it stands.

  1. Tories: 33
  2. Labour: 22
  3. LibDems: 2

12.50 – it’s oh so quiet, sshh, sshh

Yorkshire Silent Film Festival kicks off at Abbeydale Picture House this evening, our reporters will be down at the scene to hear the orchestra rehearse later.


There’s a bit more of a ruckus in South Yorkshire’s local elections. JUS News are reporting that Labour will likely lose control of Derbyshire County Council elections.

12.30 – Election results begin to trickle through from Derbyshire

 and for more updates!

12.07 – Millibae congratulates Mayor Ros Jones, fan proceeds to ask for a date.

He said he’ll only go if they’re serving bacon sandwiches.


11.58 – ahead of the Derbyshire Council results, our reporters have been doing some maths


11.46 – we were live at Doncaster’s election results last night

Bit of a slow start in the JUS Newsroom this morning as there are lots of weary heads after waiting up for last night’s election results in Doncaster.

We were live as Labour’s Ros Jones won a second four-year term as Mayor of Doncaster. Reporter Luke Wilson tells us more: