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17:00- Goodnight from me. 

Well it’s been real but clearly the match sticks holding my eyes open are about to break. It’s been a whirlwind of upside down live blogging, apostrophe abuse and more than a few technical hiccups on my part but we got through in the end. I am thankful to everyone for bearing with me. So here is my quick round up of the teams top stories. Join us tomorrow for more breaking news, features and political schmoozing and alas a few less grannies.

Sheffield artist in dementia art exhibition 

Full Brian Whitmore interview

Getting grimy with Coco

Blade’s victory parade

It has been an honor blogging for you today and because I believe in starting as I mean to finish here’s one more shot of a sassy granny to get you through the commute. Yes girl, you work it!

16:46: Mooncup 

Mooncups if you haven’t heard are reusable flexible cups that provide an alternative to disposable sanitary products. Do you use a mooncup? If so we want to hear from you as part of our study into waste in the green city. Tweet Sophie our environmental reporter with your experiences. Also don’t forget to #sheffrubbish if you do!

16:42: Season review

Our day is almost drawing to a close but there is always time to squeeze in just a bit more football. Anthony Phillips has your essential round up.



16:38: Man charged with attempted murder following stabbing in Barnsley nightclub

Joseph Lowther, 21, was sought out by police after a stabbing on December 18th in the Whispers nightclub on Regent Street, Barnsley. Faith Ridler has more.

16:37: Getting grimy with Coco

Not literally grimy, unless you count filthy bass. From politics to the grime scene, such is the life of a JUS reporter. He started out on the stick floors of Plug and now he’s played park life and beyond.

This Friday, Sheffield MC Coco released his new single Ingredients, produced by Toddla T. That evening, the two performed at a surprise gig at Sheffield University. On Sunday, he opened up with a performance at the Snooker World Championships at the Crucible in Sheffield. You can read all about that on our site as Mim Walker-Khan gives us the scoop.


16:30: Politics Briefing part 2- Harry Taylor and co are back to give you a second dose of political sass. let’s hope it goes down smoother than buttercup syrup. 

It’s not often you can say that Theresa May has a chip on her shoulder, but with her treatment of journalists in Cornwall earlier today, followed by the consumption of Britain’s favourite fried potato, you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

Journalists from Cornwall Live interviewed the PM during her visit to the South Coast, but were barred from filming or photographing her.

In a campaign where she’s been criticised for shutting members of the public out, and not working too well with the media. It could be a sign that this is May’s way.

Britain’s favourite ex-Chancellor, George Osborne, had his first day at his new job. Half of it no doubt spent awkwardly introducing himself to colleagues who recognised him anyway, so much so they were stunned into silence when he was appointed.

His first splash for the Standard highlighted the UK/EU split over Brexit negotiations, as Dan mentioned earlier today. (See 11am)

George will immediately have empathy with many journalists in their first job, he’s had to take on five extra jobs to make ends meet.

It’s been a bad day for Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, who had a brain-fade similar to Natalie Bennett’s in 2015.

When pressed by LBC presenter Nick Ferrari on how Labour would fund the 250,000 new police officers they’re pledging ahead of next month’s election, Abbott floundered, stuttered and shambled into silence.

In South Yorkshire

  • Speaking to Harrison Jones, the UKIP candidate for the Doncaster Mayoral election, Brian Whitmore says that Paul Nuttall is the wrong person to lead the party.
  • Labour have picked Jared O’Mara, a disability campaigner to challenge Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam
  • In an interview with Dan Barker, George Jabbour, Conservative candidate for Doncaster Mayor says that he is working class, despite previously working in investment and finance.

16:01:  Labour picks Disability campaigner Jared O’Mara to challenge Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam

Ding, ding, round one! With a little over a month to go before the general election Labour has chosen disability campaigner Jared O’Mara to contest the Sheffield Hallam constituency against current MP Nick Clegg at the general election. I just hope this doesn’t mean a fresh wave of leaflets amid our litter crackdown, lets keep it green guys. We again place our trust in the reliably informed Tim Stickings to give us more.

15:52: Views on litter please

We here at JUS are keeping it greener than Kermit the frog eating a pear (pun writing department please help me), and we want to get your views on whether mounting rubbish in the not so green city is giving you trouble. If you’ve got beef, or something with a bit less greenhouse gas, tweet our environment guru @samuelvolpe your grumbles and don’t forget to #Sheffrubbish

15:44: Even more Blades banter

With all this football triumph you might be feeling a tad lost keeping up with the scores on the doors, thankfully Anthony Phillips has you sorted. The JUS art department are on fire today, perhaps the incentive of new felt tips is working.

15:39: Pet therapy

When I first read this I imagined a dog in glasses asking me how I was doing, but it looks like some service dogs have lent their cuddly talents to helping Sheffield students through their exams today. More to follow but for now enjoy this adorable twitter video.


15:22: Tory Doncaster mayor candidate says he is not a ‘fat-cat bankster’

I had to be very careful reading back that headline, quite a tongue twister. If you need a bit of clarification on just what a bankster is and you want to get a feel for all the candidates running for Doncaster Mayor then Dan Barker has you covered. He’s certainly earned a gold star for his homework on the candidates, doing the hard work so you don’t have to.


15:17: Full Brian Whitmore interview

Sorry for the break, haven’t been asleep at my post I assure you!  We’re back with our full exclusive interview with Brian Whitmore (UKIP’s Doncaster mayoral candidate). If you love a bit of political tension in the ranks (a bit like a UKIP cat-fight) then this is well worth a read. Harrison Jones has more.

14:56: Tour de Yorkshire Targets 4 day event

Good news for cycling fans as organizers of the Tour de Yorkshire are hoping to make the tour a four day event. The organisers hope this will allow the cyclists to be more rested. Our sports reporter Anthony Phillips has more. Four days of mostly uphill cycling, my eyes water just thinking of the chafing.

14:46: Hugh on the ‘Blades Parade’ 

To us all a walk through the breezy town centre, Hugh has kindly bought us the latest from outside the town hall as the excitement builds for the Blades League One victory parade later today.


14:37: Seat-by-seat guide to the parliamentary constituencies in South Yorkshire

It seems like just yesterday when the red wedding of general elections rocked the UK political climate, and as we edge ever closer to 8 June its important to be in the know. The JUS art department (sorry but we won’t be taking submissions) have been fighting over their crayons to bring you a visual seat-by-seat guide of South Yorkshire. Tim Stickings has more.


14:28: When the wheels on the bus don’t go round and round

Having done a two week placement in King Edward’s School I can honestly say the green bendy bus rolling up packed with rowdy kids was probably the most terrifying way to meet your pupils imaginable. However, due to ill health Managing Director Mick Strafford has said he is closing the firm at the end of the term and does not want to sell the company to another transport provider. This could leave 90 jobs at risk and thousands of children short of a lift. Emma Bowden has more.

BrightBus company is due to close in the summer.

14:21: Sheffield schools leading the way when it comes to mental health 

I was delighted to see the royals talking so publicly about mental health last week and it seems they are not the only ones breaking down the barriers surrounding mental health. The NHS has highlighted the efforts of Sheffield School in raise awareness about positive mental health. Rhoda Morrison has the full story.

14:14: Preparations are being made ahead of Sheffield United Parade

Sheffield is going to be a sea of red, white and traffic later today as the League one champions roll into the city centre in style. Our roving sports reporters Hugh Dickinson and Katy Sandalls have sent us their pictures of the preparations. Even Maplin got in on the game, can you have football affiliations as an electronic store? Apparently so.

14.07: Slump in applications prompts RCN to call on government for more funding

A national slump in applications to nursing has meant the Royal College of Nursing has had to call on the government to increase NHS investment. With nurses already being pushed to their very limits, are things set to get even worse? Our reporter Michael Fenn has been hard at work to put us in the picture about national nursing figures.

13:59: The struggle continues for Sheffield FC Ladies

Sheffield FC Ladies have suffered a third defeat in less than a week to high flying Aston Villa. Commiserations ladies but we’re sure you’ll be back to bending it like Beckham in no time, as opposed to my  playing which is more like watching a John Smith commercial.  Katy Sandalls has the full story on the ladies performance.


13:49: Survey finds Sheffield is the unfittest city in the UK

When I first read this story via Metro I nearly choked on my chips and gravy, I mean ‘salad’. For a city built on seven hills with cycle fanatics on every corner it seemed a strange statistic. But the the study, carried out by training and course provider, found Liverpool the fittest city in the UK and Sheffield the least. Growing up in Liverpool and pretty much putting HP sauce on everything I really want to see how we swept the top spot, just can’t fathom it.


13:32: The ‘wrong bloke for the party’ 

Things are heating up when it comes to the future of UKIP as Brian Whitmore, UKIP’s mayoral candidate for Doncaster, has suggested that Paul Nuttall is the “wrong bloke” to lead the party.  Harrison Jones has scooped a JUS exclusive interview with Whitmore and I must say it’s worth a read.

13:25: Barnsley fugitive 

We interrupt the sport to bring you a breaking news bulletin, a man wanted by South Yorkshire Police in connection with a stabbing in Barnsley last December has been charged with attempted murder. Joseph Lowther, 21, was sought out by police after a stabbing on December 18 in the Whispers nightclub on Regent Street, Barnsley. Faith Ridler has the story.

13:07: Record breaking wins for Sheffield Athletes 

In what has been an excellent weekend for Sheffield sport, it appears athletes from both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam have cleaned up at the British Universities Championships. Our fitness guru Miriam Walker-Khan has the full story, because I for one could not keep up with any of the athletes!

Sheffield University 4x400m relay team

13:00: A look at Google’s ‘digital garage’ in Sheffield

As you can probably tell by my earlier technical misfortunes (I embedded my friends entire Twitter feed) I’m something of a glitch magnet. However, my colleagues have assured me that Google’s new digital garage on Barkers Pool might just be the place for me to go. It’s a digital skills workshop open to members of the public, young and old. Check out our video explainer and see if Google can’t get you tech-ing in no time.


12:58: Extra police officers recruited to assist in challenging Rotherham child abuse investigation. 

Officers from up and down the country have been drafted in to assist with ‘Operation Stovewood’, a massive investigation into child sexual exploitation and abuse in Rotherham. Our reporter Emma Bowden spoke to a senior investigating officer to bring us the story behind what has been a harrowing investigation.

12:41: A helping hand to get around

Now we all know the steel city is cycle mad, but what about when your mobility can be an issue ? Our roving reporter Hannah Galtress spent the morning at Hillsborough park with Disability Sheffield trying out bikes that have been specially modified for those with disabilities. We’ll have more on that story later in the day, and if you fancy reading more of our accessible sport stories like archery for the blind while you wait, check out our site.

12:31: Yorkshire Vikings cricket triumph

Well when it comes to being sporty, Sheffield is clearly giving Mel C a run for her money. Katy Sandalls gives us the latest scoop on the Yorkshire Vikings One Day Cup Match triumph against rivals Lancashire Lightning. Whilst it’s not the first time Lancashire and Yorkshire have battled it out on a field, this time the results were quite different. Here at JUS we don’t like cricket, we love it.

12:20: Blade’s victory parade

Sheffield United fans are in for a treat as the Blade’s will be celebrating their victory as champions of league one with big screens, an open top bus and a civic reception. Traffic could get just a little hairy as thousands of fans are set to line the bus’s route from Bramall lane to the town hall at 6pm tonight, so watch out if your hoping to get home on time. It’s set to be quite a sight and I expect more than a few of us reporters to get caught in the champagne splash zone.

12:11: Crucible results (Spoiler Alert)

I can hardly keep up there has been so much going on. Though for the snooker heads out there it would’ve been hard to tear your eyes away as Mark Selby made an remarkable comeback against John Higgins, going on to win his third World Snooker Championship at the Crucible. Our sports reporter Anthony Phillips has more on how the Jester from Leicester’ stole the show. I too played a bit of snooker this weekend but its fair to say you won’t be seeing me at the Crucible any time soon.

11:47: Tata Takeover

 Things are certainly looking good for manufacturing in the steel city after Tata Specialty Steels UK announced their £100m take over of Liberty house. The move will secure 1,700 jobs and create a further 300 new roles. Sparks are clearly flying between UK investors and Sheffield manufacturers don’t you think?

11:40: Sheffield artist in dementia art exhibition 

 We’ve begun with politics but now its onto the arts. Nadheer Jasim, known to his friends as Nazeer, is an art and design student at Sheffield College. His work. which depicts loss of identity, is now set to appear in The South Yorkshire Dementia Creative Arts Exhibition. Read all about Nazeer’s story and see some of his stunning work here. Just remember us when you’re rich and famous won’t you Nazeer?


11:38: A little to the left- Doncaster mayoralty 

The political stories are coming in thick and fast from our news room this morning as we turn our attentions to the Doncaster mayoralty. Our political reporter Tim Stickings, gives you an in depth look at the left wing candidate Steve Williams.

11:10: Osborne’s Gig Economy

Speaking of Cameroon’s, it’s the former chancellor’s first day as editor of the London Evening Standard.

We all wish him well, along with the creation of many more entry level jobs for young journalists. Especially ones called Dan Barker.

11:08: Coppers in the constituency

Annoyed at being told they are not strong and stable, the Labour party are trying to prove that they are stable and strong. This morning they are to announce that there will be 10,000 extra police officers. One in every constituency.

Speaking in Southampton later today Jeremy Corbyn will say: “Cutting police numbers, especially when there is more crime to deal with, is unacceptable. The safety of our communities is vital to us all.

Crime is down since Labour were in office. Since 2010 it’s fallen by a third.

Continuing to think that the shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, is media trained the party sent her around the studios this morning.

Ferrari: “How much 10,000 police officers cost?”

Abbott: “If we recruit the 10,000 policemen and women over a four-year period, we believe it will be about £300,000.”

Ferrari: “£300,000 for 10,000 police officers? What are you paying them? How much will they cost?”

Abbott: “No. I mean. Sorry. They will cost. It will cost. About £80m. We get to that figure because we anticipate recruiting 25,000 police officers year at least, over a period of four years. We’re looking at what average police wages are generally, but also specifically police wages in London.”

11:01: Here to bring you some punchy political comment with your morning coffee is our man in the know Dan Barker, fresh from his week of following Natalie Bennett!

Shock. Horror. Theresa May and Juncker have opposing views on Brexit. Hardly breaking news, but after their Downing Street date jilted Juncker has been telling his friends in the German media – presumably over a bottle or seven – who then had the cheek to let Mrs May’s friends back in Britain. She wasn’t happy.

This meant that chief europhile, Nick Clegg, Sheffield Hallam MP and former Deputy Prime Minister, took to the airwaves this morning to say that complaining about leaks was hypocritical.

“I remember [she] – or rather the hitmen and hitwomen in her office – used to leak furiously when I was in coalition if they didn’t like something”

And because of Brexit – which hasn’t actually happened yet – people’s living standards have already declined. 

There’s a real Brexit squeeze already imposing itself on millions of hard-pressed folk in this country which, in my judgment, will only be made considerable worse by the choice – and it is a choice – that Theresa May has made to pursue the most uncompromising version of Brexit in the months and years ahead.”

After dividing the country and having the audacity to suggest that Theresa May is not a #Strong #And #Stable leader, he called Piers Morgan pompous and order was restored.

10:50: Grannies off their rockers

So don’t forget to keep checking back on our live blog throughout the day, whenever you get a sneaky opportunity to glance at your mobile on that tea break. Here’s just a little something to start your day off with a smile, read all about how a trio of  Gangster Grandmas took to the streets of Sheffield this weekend.

Hotties on trolleys.

10:45: Good morning South Yorkshire. It looks set to be a sunny one this afternoon, ironically the second we’re all back to work! Ah well. After a somewhat blustery bank holiday break the JUS news room is back, sufficiently plied with caffeine and ready to bring you the very best news from the steel city.