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16:43 – The healthy competition has been rife between University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam for years

JUS News look at the history of the rivalry and who’s come out as champion in the last decade.

16:27 – Sheffield plays a huge part in the heritage of English literature

Berlie Doherty’s internationally acclaimed novel, Dear Nobody, follows the lives of two teenagers, Chris and Helen, who are growing up in Sheffield.

When writing, Doherty said: “I needed to know the geography, how long it would take to walk there from Chris’s house in Hunter’s Bar; where Helen’s school is in relation to her house in Ecclesall; how Chris would hurl himself on his frantic bike ride to Stanage Edge when he’s in despair of losing everything they have together.  For all the relationships within the two families to work I had to make the setting work; I needed to be familiar with the streets they walked.” 

Understanding the reality of the cityscape, and not just take inspiration from Sheffield’s beauty, was important to the novel.

Doherty is a member of the Sheffield Authors group, who try to promote the literary values and qualities of the city whilst supporting those who already live in and write about it.

Sheffield’s canals were a major inspiration to Berlie Doherty. Image Credit: Philippa Willitts

16:22 – Carlos Carvalhal gets his just dessert after sour dismissal during Wednesday’s match with Villa

16:18 – Members of the Orgreave Truth and Justice campaign protest outside the Home Office for a full public enquiry into the ‘Battle of Orgreave’

The protest has gained over 500 protesters from across the country.

Spokesprson, Kate Flannery, said: “We hope that the noise that is made today will create a lasting impression about how badly people feel about the decision that the government made to proceed with an enquiry.”

16:06 – Sheffield Ladies RUFC have secured the title of League Champions

The team are undefeated for 14 games, with two left to play.

They won 29 – 0 against Sunderland Flames.

Flames took to Twitter and hinted towards a team-wide sore head on match day.

15:55 – Police launch an investigation into why Sheffield Steelers’ mascot was thrown out of the stadium

Todd Kelman, managing director of the Cardiff Devils, said the complaints against the treatment of Steelers’ mascot, Steeler Dan, was ‘comical’.

He said: “I think it’s just bitterness at losing the cup final.”

What do you think Steelers’ fans? Is Steeler Dan the angel to the Cardiff Devils?

15:48 – Will Quarterbridge consultants bring oysters and champagne to Doncaster? 

Market consultants Quarterbridge, who brought oysters and champagne to Brixton Market as part of its regeneration, are being brought in to advise on Doncaster Market’s revamp.

Plans for the market include consolidating the current Irish Middle Market into the existing market hall, and extending the car park.

Mayor of Rotherham, Ros Jones said: “Our intention is to re-model the market itself and change mind-sets so that Doncaster Market can be truly considered as one of the most important retailers in town.”

Plans for Doncaster market are underway

15:33 – South Yorkshire Police appeal for information about Ecclesfield assault 

The police are asking for any witnesses who saw the attack on a 24-year-old man at The Black Bull pub on Church Street, Ecclesfield at around 10.30pm on 7th January.

The man was left with a broken arm.

Please contact police on 101 quoting incident number 392.

15:32 – March 13th is National Napping Day 

Grab your blanket, don’t bother setting an alarm and have a little mid day snooze. You know you want to.

15:15 – Nick Clegg got drunk and stumbled upon a greenhouse of cacti 

In an exclusive interview with JUS News, Clegg, an avid storyteller, told of the time whilst on a school exchange in Munich in his late teens, he begins: “I behaved appallingly.”

“I got very drunk. A friend and I drifted out of the party and stole into a greenhouse, lit a match to find our way forward and saw a sort of Aladdin’s cave full of hairy, exotic cacti.”

Isn’t it sort of strange when politicians have been teenagers and got drunk and made questionable life decisions. It almost makes you feel better about having a few too many beers this weekend.

Clegg continues and speaks exclusively about tuition fees and why British democracy is broken.

Image credit: Miriam Walker-Khan

14:57 – ‘Week of Treats’ at Sheffield children’s hospital 

Sheffield Charity, Forging Families, is taking gifts and hampers to the M2 Ward of the hospital everyday this week to thank the staff for their consistent hard work.

14:31 – Sheffield Steelers are working with LGBT organisation 

Steelers Managing Director, Tony Smith, said that he had been in contact with LGBT charity, Stonewall, to discuss how the Steelers could raise awareness for and contribute to the LGBT cause.

This came about after match announcer, David Simms, shouted “disgusting” after two men kissed on “kiss cam” during the game and called for them to be escorted out of the stadium, sparking outrage among fans who took to social media to complain.

It has been made very clear this is not the view the Steelers hold.

14:25 – James Arthur cancels gig tonight at Sheffield O2 due to illness

A doc has suggested voice rest for the X Factor singer and therefore he will not be able to perform tonight.

James, or rather James’ people, have rearranged the gig for May 29th where all original tickets will remain valid.

14:20 – How well do you know your Sheffield football clubs, take our quiz and find out.

Click here to try it for yourself and see if you know your Wednesday history from your United.

I hope you score better than I did…

14:08 – ‘Kate Fest’ to be held this summer in memory of Sheffield mum 

The party is to be held on June 25th, with live music and a raffle, with all proceeds going to St Luke’s Hospice.

Joe Andrews, 29 said: “It’s exactly what she would have wanted. She would have loved all the attention. It’s turning into Kate Fest!”

13:24 – You no longer even have to queue at Wetherspoon pubs 

Use your phone and the free Wetherspoons app to place your order and pay, and then wait for it to be brought out to you.

The system is now available in Wetherspoons across Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

I’ll have the Gourmet Chicken Burger, pint of Carling and no social interaction without it being necessary – thank you.

13:19 – Sturgeon’s look of love 

13:11 – Northern Rail workers strike 

The strike is to support ‘Guard Guarantee’, after plans have been announced to remove guards from trains and make services driver-only-operated trains.

On a day with an actual organised strike happening, Sheffield train station is actually experiencing fewer delays than most of their normal Sunday afternoon train scheduling.


12:34 – Barnsley ladies lose the semi-final for the second year in a row 

The Barnsley Ladies Rugby team lost against Lewes in the Junior Cup semi-final this weekend.

The 5 – 8 defeat was the first defeat of the season for Barnsley Ladies who only started playing competitively two years ago.

Barnsley Ladies rugby team

12:27 – Sheffield squash champion donates tournament prize money 

Nick Matthew has donated his winnings to help fund a young squash player’s brain tumour treatment.

12:20 – Nick Clegg says he is considering a future outside of Parliament 

Nick Clegg is yet to decide whether he will stand for re-election in Sheffield Hallam.

“There’s no point me pretending I am sure that I am going to carry on for another five years in Parliament because I’m not”, he said.

“Politics is very fluid at the moment, I think it’s not very sensible to take premature or very fixed decisions when everything is very fluid.”

12:13 – Sheffield #treegate is still branching out

No, I’m afraid Sheffield treegate isn’t over just yet.

Council contractors will plant 16 new trees today on Rustlings Road, Endcliffe, to replace the seven trees which were felled in November 2016.

Sheffield City Council has said Rustlings Road will have more trees on it than it did ever before thanks to the Streets Ahead scheme.

Sheffield tree protesters

12:08 – South Yorkshire police appeal for information after Doncaster grandmother dies in a hit and run 

Susan Gravel, 62, died after she was struck by a grey or silver BMW five series saloon on Station Road in Stainforth at around 12.55pm when the driver failed to stop.

Anyone who saw the collision or may have seen the BMW since is asked to call 101 and quote incident number 841 of 11 March.

12:01 – Sturgeon announces plans to ask for a second Scottish referendum 

Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed she will ask for permission to hold a second Scottish referendum.

Ms Sturgeon said she wants the vote to be held between autumn 2018 and spring 2019.

11:46 – Magistrates’ court was bought for £1 this morning

The council hopes to use the empty land as part of its ‘masterplan’ to regenerate the town centre.

Rotherham Magistrates’ court

11:33 – Boaty McBoatface heads out for first journey 

Give the public control they said. Do a poll they said. It was soon discovered that if you give the public control of one thing in a science expedition, you end up with a vessel called Boaty McBoatface.

The name was originally meant to go on the £200m polar research vessel but was instead printed on the yellow submarine instead after the government thought the humorous name wasn’t suitable.

Boaty will head out on its maiden voyage from Antarctica on its first expedition this week to map movement in the Earth’s deepest waters.

11:20 – The South Yorkshire weekend sports round up

Sheffield Wednesday and Rotherham United lost against Aston Villa and Wolverhampton respectively this weekend.

Where as Doncaster Rovers are setting themselves up to be in a good position for promotion at the end of the season, after a win against Cheltenham on Saturday.

11:07 – Rotherham council meeting 

Our reporter, Tim Stickings, is in Rotherham today to hear what will happen to the former Rotherham Magistrates’ court.

10:58 – Sunshine here to stay

Spring has sprung and we have been graced with sunshine for the weekend. And the same is predicted for at least for the next few days too. Monday through to Friday is forecast for sunny spells and ‘just a light jacket’ temperatures.