Live results from Doncaster Council elections as Labour hold ground

Tim Stickings, and Harry Taylor bring you the latest from the count at Doncaster’s Racecourse, after Labour’s Ros Jones’ victory in the mayoral election last night. Across the country the Conservative Party have been picking up voters from UKIP, and Labour. Could they do the same in Doncaster? Or is the vote for Ros Jones a sign that for the beleaguered party, things may be okay in South Yorkshire?


That’s it for us today, and our politics coverage for this week. It’s been a pleasure. From myself, Tim, Gemma, Luke, Dan and Harrison – thanks for reading



CON (HOLD) Spotborough

A rare seat in Doncaster, insofar as it was completely Conservative held going into this election. Unlike in Finningley, all Conservative candidates win back their seats.


CON/LAB (HOLD) Bessecar

A seat split by two Labour councillors to one Conservative councillor, all three retain their seats. Nick Allen, the Conservative candidate who won with 1448 votes, was Conservative mayoral candidate George Jabbour’s electoral agent for the vote last night.


IND (HOLD) Mexborough

Mexborough First, who we featured earlier in the week win the seat again with thumping majorities. Andy Pickering is elected with the most votes of the three, and looks to retain his de-facto leadership of the party.


LAB (HOLD) Thorne and Moorends

The Community Party stand three candidates against the Labour incumbents, and perform admirably but Labour hold on to all of the seats in the ward.


LAB (HOLD) Wheatley Hills and Intake

A familiar pattern here, three Labour holds in the ward. Over 600 votes separating the Labour candidate elected with the lowest votes, and the person behind them, a Conservative.


As we pass half of the Council ward results being announced, it appears that the Labour vote is broadly holding up. Overall there’s a 1.5% swing to the Conservatives, but Labour have held all of their seats, and the Conservative Party have actually lost a seat to an independent. (see 16.19). More results to come, but it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any shocks here.


LAB (HOLD) Conisbrough

Labour again hold their seats in Conisbrough.


CON (HOLD) Finningley

Finally some completely good news for the Tories in Doncaster, all of the Conservative candidates in Finningley win their seats back. Jane Cox, Steve Cox and Allan Jones are elected to the ward.



Nikki McDonald, John McHale and Dave Shaw elected for the Labour Party in the Town ward. Nikki McDonald replaces Sue Knowles on the council, who stood down for this election.


IND (GAIN) Tickhill and Wadworth

In a shock result, Nigel Cannings has defeated one of the Conservative councillors in the Tickhill and Wadworth ward, while the other one holds. Cannings stood in 2015 but was 300 behind the Conservatives. Alan Smith is re-elected for the ward.


LAB (HOLD) Armthorpe

Tony Corden, Chris McGuiness and Sue McGuiness win their seats in the Armthorpe ward. No party aside from Labour has won in Doncaster so far, although all seats so far have just been held.


Lab (HOLD) Adwick-Le-Street and Carcroft.

A swing to Labour according to Tim, which is a rarity over the last day or so. Rachel Hodson, David Hughes and John Mounsey win. David Hughes replaces Ted Kitchen who stood down at this election.


LAB (HOLD) Balby South

John Healey, and Nuala Fennelly elected for the Labour Party.


LAB (HOLD) Stainforth and Barnby Dun

George Derx and Ken Keegan re-elected for Labour. George Derx is the victim of a 5% swing to the Conservatives, and only beats Christine Allen by 18 votes.


LAB (HOLD) Roman Ridge.

Pat Haith and Kevin Rodgers will be returning to Doncaster Council chamber after holding the seat.


Roman Ridge, and Stainforth and Barnby Dun will be declared in a few minutes we’re told.


LAB (HOLD) Hexthorpe and Balby North.

Glyn Jones and Sue Wilkinson retain their places on the council.

So far this isn’t as bad for Labour as elsewhere in the country. Plenty of wards to come.


LAB (HOLD) Edlington and Warmsworth.

Incumbents Phil Cole and Tina Reid are elected to the ward. Phil Cole is also married to Don Valley MP Caroline Flint.

A slight swing to the Conservative Party.


Edlington and Warmsworth will be declared first. Candidates on stage now.


Hexthorpe and Balby North result on its way now. Currently held by Labour councillors Glyn Jones and Sue Wilkinson.

LAB (HOLD) Edenthorpe and Kirk Sandall.

David Nevett and Andrea Robinson elected in a seat which UKIP targetted.

Minimal swing says Statto Stickings.

Results about to come thick and fast now.


Edenthorpe and Kirk Sandall’s is about to be declared. Details shortly.


We’ve arrived at the Racecourse, and will bring you the latest results from the wards as we get them. Tim, as always, will be analysing the data to see if there’s a trend in the votes.