Litter and fly-tipping around Rotherham school is a danger to staff and students

A school for children with moderate and complex learning difficulties has expressed concern about litter on the premises putting staff and students at risk.

Staff at Abbey School in Kimberworth, Rotherham, said that people have been littering and fly-tipping on the lane leading up to the school for over 11 years, but nothing has been done to stop it.

Karen Blakemore, school business manager, said: “We do have a lot of issues and it’s every single week now.

“Over Easter, we had to phone the fire brigade because there was a pile of tyres set on fire on the lane and then the next week there was more rubbish dumped and someone had spilled paint which got all over the staff’s cars.”

Located in a secluded area, the lane is a popular hang-out spot for teenagers and campers who often leave behind plastic bags of rubbish and portable barbecues.

In the past, people have also left burnt out cars and broken furniture in the single-file lane which obstructed traffic.

People are littering and fly-tipping on the land around Abbey School in Rotherham.

Staff at the school are concerned that the litter is posing a danger to students.

“Some of our students independently travel and there are times when they have to come up the lane on foot,” Ms. Blakemore said.

“If there are cars or paint or even rubbish bags it’s not very safe. We don’t know what they could find.”

Students and parents have also noted the problem and the issue has been raised several times at student council meetings.

The school notified the council and asked that gates be erected to prevent people gathering in the lane. But as the lane is common land, their request was denied.

“We’re trying to come up with another solution but nothing has been done yet,” Ms. Blakemore said.

“Unfortunately it’s an ongoing issue we have to deal with on a regular basis.”