Lib Dems remain optimistic in Barnsley Local Elections

The Liberal Democrats are “feeling pretty hopeful” ahead of tonight’s election results in Barnsley, according to the Coun Hannah Kitching.

The Liberal Democrats are fielding 16 candidates in the local elections and remain quietly confident of making significant gains in certain wards.

Coun Kitching is the only Lib Dem councillor on Barnsley Council and the party’s de facto campaign manager in the area. She said: “We have put in months and months of hard work rather than a few days.

“Counts are always anxiety-inducing but we know how it has felt out there on the doorsteps and it’s looked good for us.”

Coun Kitching says that she is braced for a low turnout in the elections, but maintains that the Liberal Democrats have been “open from the start” with their stance on Brexit.

She said: “We’ve been quite honest. People might not agree with our stance, but they know what we believe in.”

The party have openly campaigned for a second referendum on the UK leaving the EU, which Coun Kitching echoes.

She said: “These are local elections. Brexit is so far above my pay grade and I can do nothing about it.

“What’s important is people’s day-to-day life. That’s what we’ve be constantly pulling things back to. It’s important they elect the right candidate to town hall.

“Hopefully that strategy is going to pay off for us tonight.”

Photo credit – Hannah Kitching Twitter