Sheffield driving schools welcome law change to allow learner drivers on motorways

Driving schools in Sheffield have welcomed a move that will let learner drivers take lessons on motorways.

As part of a change in law, drivers will able to learn how to use motorways safely from 4 June.

Dan Arkle, the owner of Dan’s Driving School, said a trial on a motorway is “extremely helpful” for learners.

“The majority of learners pass their test and have never driven on a motorway, and they don’t have extra training after that,” he said.

As per current rules, learners can have motorway lessons only after they have passed their driving test with the PassPlus scheme.

Under the new rules, learners driving on motorways will need to be accompanied by an approved driving instructor in a car fitted with dual controls.

Maneen Ahmed, of New Star Driving School, said instructors should look for the right time before taking people on motorways.

“I think you have got to be careful about who you take on the motorway. Take somebody who is advanced. Those who have got a better understanding and better control.”