Labour MP Louise Haigh admits “lessons have to be learnt” after re-election in Sheffield Heeley

Labour MP Louise Haigh has been re-elected in Sheffield Heeley but said “lessons have to be learnt” after a Conservative majority in the 2019 General Election.

The Sheffield born MP won her seat with 50.3% of the vote but Labour lost other traditionally safe seats in South Yorkshire.

Speaking exclusively to JUSNews after her acceptance speech, Ms Haigh admitted that it was a shocking result for Labour.

She said: “We have to understand why people who voted Labour their entire lives, including right up to the last election, voted Tory in this one, in areas that you wouldn’t think people could bring themselves to vote Tory.

“That is something we need to reflect seriously on and have some humility and come back from.”

The Conservatives gained Penistone & Stocksbridge, Rother Valley and Don Valley in what is traditionally seen as Labour voting heartland.

All of these seats voted leave in the EU referendum campaign and Ms Haigh said Labour’s stance on Brexit swayed the election.

“People did want to get Brexit done, that was Boris Johnson’s message and that cut through,” she said.

“Unfortunately, the people that have voted for that will ultimately pay the price from another five years of Tory government and that was our failure to not convince them that the Labour Party was the option for them in this election.”

Ms Haigh said she will have to tackle multiple poverty and deprivation issues in the future.

According to the government’s English Indices of Deprivation 2019 survey, Sheffield Heeley ranked in the top 12% of the UK’s most deprived areas.

Ms Haigh said she will have to combat the Conservative roll-out of Universal Credit and the rise in food poverty in Sheffield Heeley.

She added: “It will be fighting the worst effects of that, stopping it pushing people into debt, food and fuel poverty.

“It’s going to be about building communities and solidarity around them to protect them against the worst effects.”