Labour lose seats in Sheffield local election results as Greens and Liberal Democrats make gains

The Labour Party have lost seats in the Sheffield City Council local elections as the Green Party and Liberal Democrats make gains.

The Liberal Democrats and Green Party took two seats apiece from the Labour Party.

A shock came as the Green Party took the City ward, with Martin Phipps grabbing Labour’s Moya O’Rourke’s former seat.

Labour gained one seat in the election as Ms O’Rourke took UKIP’s seat in the East Ecclesfield ward.

UKIP’s Dennise Dawson left the count early and fellow UKIP candidate Graeme Waddicar claimed she knew she was not going to win the East Ecclesfield seat.

Jack Scott, Labour councillor and Sheffield Cabinet member for transport and sustainability, who held his Arbourthorne seat said: “It has been a mixed picture but that’s to be expected in the circumstances that we are in and that’s reflective of the situation we are in nationally.

“Some parts of the country are doing very well whether other parts it is more of a struggle.”

Labour now have 53 seats in the Town Hall, Liberal Democrats have 22, Green Party have six and UKIP have three.

Sheffield’s local election was held at the English Institute of Sport and were counted overnight due to the Mayoral election count on Friday morning.