Labour lose seats across Sheffield, while Lib Dems make big gains

Labour have lost four seats in Sheffield, as the party suffers major defeats across the country in this year’s local elections.

They lost Beighton, East Ecclesfield, Gleadless Valley, Mosborough and Nether Edge & Sharrow, while gaining one seat from UKIP in the Stocksbridge and Upper Don ward.

As we saw in Barnsley last night, the Liberal Democrats are gaining from Labour’s losses; in Sheffield they successfully defended their five seats and gained four more. But the Greens also made some gains, taking two of Labour’s seats.

In Beighton, Bob McCann from the Liberal Democrats just beat Labour across the line with 1,433 votes, compared to Ian Saunders’ 1,186.

Gleadless Valley has long been in the sight of the Greens, with their candidate Paul Turpin receiving a 15% increase of the vote share in 2018. They got a big win with 2,514 votes, easily beating Labour’s Nadia Jama who got 1,595.

Coun Turpin said the tide is turning on climate change, and “everyone is trying to be the Green Party at the moment.”

He said: “People have been really upset with the current administration, and people have been really concerned about climate change.”

One of the biggest shocks came in East Ecclesfield, where Steve Wilson received a measly 102 votes and the Lib Dems swept in to take the ward with 1,345 votes. Earlier this week, Mr Wilson said he felt forced out of the Labour party after his wife Angela Smith MP defected to Change UK.

Although he ran as an independent candidate this time round, he’s set to run in the upcoming EU elections as a Change UK candidate.

Labour’s Mahommad Maroof wasn’t able to keep hold of Nether Edge & Sharrow, following the Amey tree scandal and his suspension after accidentally sending a nude photo to a Mums United WhatsApp group earlier this year.

Peter Garbutt from the Greens took the ward with 3,735 votes, despite his comments describing the trans rights campaign as “aggressive.”

UKIP were defending two seats this time round, and lost both to Labour and the Lib Dems.

In West Ecclesfield, the Lib Dems were favourite after Coun Mike Lavery took the seat from Labour with a 20% swing last year, so it was no surprise when they took the seat from UKIP with 1,685 votes.