Labour holds Sheffield Hallam by 712 votes

Labour have secured Sheffield Hallam by 712 votes after a tense recount early this morning.

Former deputy leader of Sheffield Council Olivia Blake is now the first female MP to represent the constituency.

Olivia Blake welcomes her new role as Labour MP for Hallam

“In a time when we’ve seen 145,000 people die as a consequence of austerity and benefit changes, people want to see change,” she said.

Last night, the BBC predicted an 86% chance of a Liberal Democrat gain for Hallam, with only a 14% chance of a Labour hold.

However, after a second count it was revealed that Labour held the seat with a significantly reduced number of votes.

In her speech when her win was announced, Ms Blake praised Hallam’s 78.38% turnout for being the largest in Yorkshire.

The results came as a surprise to many after the rocky run of ex-Labour turned independent MP Jared O’Mara.

It was feared that Mr O’Mara’s lack of representation for Hallam constituents could scupper Labour’s chances.

Ms Blake did not feel right commenting about Mr O’Mara, but said she was happy her work had increased Hallam’s trust in the Labour party.

“I wanted to make sure Labour’s message of hope is getting across to people and I think we did that really successfully,” she said.