Labour holds seats in Barnsley but loses huge chunk of votes

The Labour Party retained both constituencies announced at the Barnsley count despite conceding large vote shares.

Dan Jarvis MP was re-elected in Barnsley Central even though his vote share fell 23.8% from the 2017 election. He has since received backing from Mayor of Barnsley Pauline Markham to stand for Labour leader when Jeremy Corbyn steps down.

When queried on the issue, Mr Jarvis didn’t deny that he would consider throwing his name into the hat.

The Barnsley count took place at the Metrodome Leisure Complex; the two counts were for Barnsley Central and Barnsley East seats

Mr Jarvis also confronted the issue of Brexit dividing the nation.

He said: “This is a campaign that’s been fought predominantly on the issue of Brexit, which has been a very challenging issue for the Labour Party.

Dan Jarvis MP answering questions on the health of the Labour Party and the possibility of leadership.

“It’s been fought here in Barnsley, in an area which voted overwhelmingly for Leave. So yes, this has been a really really tough campaign.

“But we have still won it and I’m delighted to have been re-elected, and I look forward to serving my constituents in this next parliament.”

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Stephanie Peacock MP was also re-elected in Barnsley East but still suffered a large 21.9% drop in vote share.

She left the premises swiftly after the declaration, but echoed a similar sentiment to Mr Jarvis in her victory speech.

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Notably, Barnsley voters made their feelings about Brexit clear on their ballot papers.

The Brexit Party were the biggest risers in this traditional Labour stronghold, gaining a 30.4% share of the electorate in Barnsley Central, and 29.2% in Barnsley East.

This would suggest that the Brexit Party were successful in picking off core Labour voters who voted to leave the EU – as an area 68.3% of Barnsley voted Leave in the 2016 EU referendum, comfortably above the national average.