Labour councillor bitten by dog while campaigning shares terrifying experience

Labour councillor Denise Fox, who was bitten by a dog last week when putting a leaflet through a letterbox, has sustained injuries that have prevented her from campaigning.

Coun Fox was campaigning in the Westfield area when the incident occurred. She said: “The reason I wasn’t vigilant about it is because the dog didn’t bark.

“The first I knew about it was when the dog got hold of my finger, and I pulled back, and it ripped two sides of my finger. It was scary and unexpected and I screamed.

Sometimes my grandson comes campaigning with me and he’s only ten. It would have been a lot worse if it was a smaller hand in there.

Coun Denise Fox discusses the dog bite incident.

Although the owner was not at home at the time, he has apologised and has said he will place a basket at the back of his letter box to prevent further incidents.

Coun Fox is the Labour candidate for Birley and is seeking to be reelected on Thursday.

The injuries have made it difficult for Coun Fox to drive; her bandaged hand has prevented her from campaigning.

The councillor is due back at the hospital later today where she is hoping the bandages will be removed.

Coun Fox has had support with her campaigning following the injury. She said: “People came out and helped me deliver some leaflets in my area knowing I was stuck.

“I went out with them, I couldn’t do anything but I was just there supporting them pushing the leaflets through the door for me. It was very kind of them.”

Since the incident, Coun Fox has become more wary. She said: “I love dogs, I’m not afraid of dogs but you’re on their territory so you have to be vigilant when you’re approaching someone’s house.

“I was a bit complacent about putting my hand in the letter box. I shan’t be doing that again.”

Coun Fox added: “It isn’t the dogs fault, it’s the owner that needs to be educated and that’s what I’ve said to the police.

“I want the owner to take responsibility for his dog. ”

Following the incident, Coun Fox has reminded people to be more vigilant: “You just don’t know what’s behind the door really.”