Jeremy out, Jarvis in?

Labour’s Dan Jarvis has earned backing from the Barnsley mayor to launch a leadership bid after being re-elected last night.

Barnsley Central voters, however, still made their feelings about Brexit very clear in the polls.

Despite holding his seat, the mayor of Sheffield City Region had his majority slashed by 11,233 due to the Brexit Party gaining a 30.4% vote share.

Barnsley Central is a Labour heartland who voted to leave the EU in 2016 by 68.3%.

Therefore, it seems that the Brexit Party were successful in picking off core Labour voters who voted to leave in the EU referendum back in 2016.

In his victory speech, he said: “Over the past few weeks, I’ve had countless conversations with too many people who are expressing concern and in some cases anger at a Labour Party that they thought no longer speaks for them.

“We have to listen to those concerns and work to regain the trust where it has been lost.”

This election has been disastrous for Labour, who have delivered their worst result since 1935 and given the Conservatives their biggest majority since Margaret Thatcher. 

Jeremy Corbyn’s unpopularity in this region seemed to be a contributing factor to a loss in the Labour vote share. Labour activists reported that voters supported local candidates but could not vote for Labour because of its leader.

Corbyn has said he will not lead the party in another general election which leaves the party to reflect on their mistakes and decide which direction to take.

Mayor of Barnsley, Pauline Marksham, has already backed Dan Jarvis for a potential party leadership bid. 

Talking to the BBC she said: “I’d like to see Dan Jarvis put his hat in the bag for the new Labour leader to be honest, I think he would be an excellent candidate. He’s a greater leader and I would like to see him put his name forward.”

This is not the first time Jarvis has been surrounded by leadership rumours.

He found himself in contention after Ed Miliband resigned after the 2015 election.

Jarvis downplayed his interest by commenting on his busy schedule as an MP and mayor of Sheffield City Region but did not explicitly rule out running.

To see Jarvis’ full response, watch the video below: