VIDEO: ‘I’ve lost but I feel like I’ve won!’ says Sheffield boxer, Sam Sheedy, following Saturday’s British Middleweight title fight

Samuel Sheedy, 28, today promised to return even stronger following Saturday nights defeat to Tommy Langford in their British Middleweight title bout.

Langford won by split decision on Saturday night but many feel the fight was a lot closer than the experts predicted.

Sheffield boxer, Sam Sheedy. 28
Sheffield boxer, Sam Sheed, 28

Sheedy said: ‘Watching it back it was closer than even I thought. Thought I’d been whitewashed in the first four rounds.”

“It was closer than that though. He was a busy fool, and he just edged it.”

Twitter echoed his view, and was full of support for Sheedy

Bookies had Langford as the clear favourite before the fight but Sheedy proved that he could more than hold his own at this level.

“If I’d believed from Round one I’d have won. I didn’t want the odds to be proved right. I now believe I belong at this level.” he said.

Sheedy is not confident of a rematch though: “I’d fight him tomorrow. He doesn’t want to fight me again. ”

Since Saturday night he has been overwhelmed by the support he received: “All of Facebook was sharing me. I could hear Sheffield roar.”

“Lovely to think I’ve touched so many people’s lives, even if it’s just for one night.”

“Thank you for caring so much about me and I’m thankful for being able to mean so much to people.”

Sheedy admitted to being “absolutely heartbroken that I didn’t win the belt” in the moments after the fight.

But he quickly returned to his positive outlook.

We have met today in the gym of Sheedy’s trainer, Glynn Rhodes, on Burton Street, and you can tell that Sheedy feels at home here.

He stepped up from the ringside and began bouncing and shadowboxing in the large mirror, and said “I’ll be back.”