“It looks like we’re going to lose a number of seats”: Council Leader predicts Labour defeats in Barnsley

Labour could be set to lose a number of seats in the Barnsley local elections, according to Council Leader Sir Stephen Houghton.

Talking to JUS News, Sir Stephen said: “For the last two or three weeks we’ve known the trend was against us.

“Barnsley voted to leave the European Union by 69%. They want to see that honoured and it’s not being honoured. I’m afraid it looks like we’re going to lose a number of seats.”

Sir Stephen reports that Brexit has overshadowed the local election campaign, with voters using this ballot as a chance to show their discontent with recent developments.

He said: “We have been campaigning, and the reaction on the doorstep is either we don’t want to vote, or we’ll vote for some other minority party or independents because we feel that Brexit hasn’t been delivered.”

He feels Labour should be make it much clearer that they’re going to deliver Brexit and not frustrate it.

He also said Labour candidates have felt voter frustration while out campaigning on doorsteps.

“It’s been very difficult and the language has been somewhat cosmopolitan at times. No one has been physically threatened, but people are very determined to show their dissatisfaction”, Sir Stephen said.