‘In the Crucible with the revolver!’ – World’s biggest Cluedo game coming to Sheffield

The world’s biggest game of Cluedo is set to come to Sheffield this summer.

The famous board game is being adapted for amateur detectives who will attempt to solve the fictional murder of the notorious gangsters Reggie and Ronnie Kray.

The Kray twins were gangsters in London’s East End during the 1960s, and were involved in murders, assaults and armed robberies.

The event’s website sets the mysterious scene in winter 1967, when Chief Superintendent ‘Nipper’ receives an unexpected and shocking phone call with the news that the pair, who he had tried for years to put behind bars, have been murdered.

The event will be part of Sheffield Murder Mystery Day on Saturday 23 June and organisers are seeking for teams to take part.

The murder will be focused within the city centre and teams, which can range from 2-6 members, will have around three hours to solve the mystery.

On the day of the competition, teams will be competing with each other to track witnesses of the crime, eliminate suspects and murder weapons across the city.

You can buy tickets here at the event’s website: https://www.cluedupp.com/store/p194/Sheffield