Homeless community receives £5k in funds from South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

A community that supports homeless people in Sheffield has received funds worth £5,000 from the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Emmaus Sheffield is a community that supports its companions, who were once homeless and socially excluded but now live and work in the community.

The grant money will be used to part fund the salary of a mentor to the companions.

Dr Alan Billings, the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Part of my job is to support organisations that help people who might easily be in trouble with the law, find some stability and normality in their lives.

“Emmaus offers a secure and safe place where people can learn some of the essential skills they need to lead worthwhile lives.”

The community currently provides quality self-contained accommodation, communal living, training and counselling facilities for 18 people.

It also has a workspace and a shop that sells donated household goods.

Graham Bostock, a community manager at Emmaus, said they created a new post of a shop supervisor to mentor companions working as shop assistants.

He said the supervisors will help improve the communication and IT skills of the shop assistants, which will prepare them for life outside the community.

He said: “The men and women that come to us give up benefits, refrain completely from use of drugs and alcohol on the premises and treat others with respect.

“We work with them to help rehabilitate them and offer life skills that will help them move in to full-time employment when they are ready.”