Historic Sheffield football app released

A new app that walks users through the history of football in the Sheffield was released yesterday.

Published by Sheffield Libraries, ‘Sheffield: The Home of Football’, introduces places and people that made Sheffield the home of Association football.

The app covers 10 stops over a 5-mile interactive walk, with audio clips and maps showcasing the sport’s heritage.

The aim is to transport users back to when the world’s first football club started.

The journey covers the second half of the 19th century, with stories including football’s first derby, the world’s oldest Football Cup, Sheffield FC, and the ancient grounds where the sport’s very first games were played.

The app can also be used by football fans from anywhere in the world for those interested in learning more about footballing heritage.

On yesterday’s launch date the Sheffield Library Service organised a guided tour of the app’s route, inviting Sheffielders to do the walk accompanied by local football club historians.