Heartbreak for Doncaster cat owner as her beloved moggy dies just hours after emotional Facebook plea

A Doncaster mum’s emotional plea for financial help for her cat involved in a car crash ended in tragedy today when she had to put him down.

Oriental short-haired moggy Archie was hit by a car leaving one of his legs broken.

After landing a vet’s bill for £577, his owner, Janine Johnson, from Armthorpe, east Doncaster, issued an emotional plea for money on Facebook.

The vet’s bill (Credit: GoFundMe/Janine Johnson)

In the video, which has been watched more than 2,000 times, she says: “Next time you’re driving down Basil Avenue take care. This is what happens when you drive stupid.

“Next time it will be a child. Let’s hope it’s not your child.”

Today JUS News learned that unfortunately Archie had to be put down. The reasons for which are not yet clear.

A Crowdfunding page had originally been set up to help raise funds for him.

The original Crowdfunding page set up for Archie (Credit: Gofundme/Janine Johnson)
The original Crowdfunding page set up for Archie (Credit: Gofundme/Janine Johnson)

It said: “This is Archie my beautiful oriental short hair. He is a deaf cat from birth so is a house cat.

“Unfortunately Archie managed to get out and was missing for over 24 hour. After some searching and ringing vets up and looking on social media. He was found.

“He had been hit by a car his back left leg is broken and possibly his pelvis. Is was handed in to an emergency vets which means I have a big bill already before even starting to get Archie on the mend.

“I took him home and then on to my local vets where he is having X-rays to find the full extent of his injuries. All I am asking is if every could find it in their hearts to donate even the smallest change. After all it all adds up. Thank you.”

In an update, Janine revealed that Archie had been moved from a vet’s surgery on Bawtry Road to one on Balby Road.

She posted: “He is having x-rays now to determine the extent of the damage on his back end. If the break is low down on his leg it is easily fixed however if the break is at the top of the leg it will have to be amputated. And if his pelvis is broken as well that is not so easily fixed.”

She thanked people for their support.

“We are so great full for the support from friends and strangers we have received especially at Christmas when everyone is struggling,” she wrote.