Golf pro worried ‘invisible’ balls could be a game-changer

Restrictions might need to be imposed to accommodate the introduction of new ‘invisible’ golf balls, says a professional golf instructor based in Sheffield.

Lee Owen, who coaches at the Moor View Golf Centre in Bradway, said restrictions might need to be imposed after new balls containing graphene were introduced by Callaway.

Graphene allegedly makes the surface of the ball much harder and much stronger, allowing a player to hit the ball with less spin, which allows it to travel further.

The new balls also help a player’s short-game, too, as despite being hard on the inside, they still feel soft when playing around the green.

Mr Owen said: “Anything in the amateur game that gives golfers more distance is going to give them more fun, so it’s fantastic for the amateur game.

“I think in the professional game it’s different. The problem is if they hit the golf balls further, then the golf courses that they’re playing become too easy and they have to lengthen them.

“I think there should be a limit put on how far the golf ball travels.”

The balls are already being used by some tour players, such as Phil Mickelson. According to Mr Owen, players have claimed to pick up as many as 20 yards using them.

“I’ll be very keen to have a go with them and see if they perform as well as they predict they’re going to,” said Mr Owen.

The ‘invisible’ claim refers to the graphene inside the ball. Mr Owen said: “What they claim to be invisible is the graphene. It’s something you can’t see but it’s there, within the golf ball.”