Gangster grannies take Sheffield city centre by storm

A performing arts troupe, who call themselves ‘Granny Turismo’, revved up their motorized shopping trolleys and turned their woofers up for a race around the city this weekend, leaving the crowds howling.

The group, consisting of three grannies in drag, sported an impressive set of wheels – even if they are attached to giant gingham shopping trolleys.

‘Doris Day’, ‘Margery Long’, and ‘Mary Baker’, as they like to be known, are all motoring and engineering enthusiasts who turned their passion into a unique street performance. They now tour up and down the UK on their patented racing trolleys.

Grannies with attitude storm the city centre

The performers also enter shops and weren’t afraid to act their age when it came to telling off any ‘naughty young boys’ who got in their way.

With their pop socks pulled up high as they’ll go and their hat pins firmly in place, they set about bringing bass filled anthems to the people, all whilst trying to work out their new Sat Nav.

Granny Turismo, warning that empty calories all count

The last time the grannies made an appearance was at the 2013 Tramlines festival. They received a warm welcome back to the streets of Sheffield as children lined up to bump fists with the gangster outfit.

The appearance was one of many events organised over the Bank Holiday weekend including an international street market.