Fundraising begins for children’s therapy centre in Burngreave

An online fundraiser was launched yesterday to start a therapy centre for children with emotional and communication challenges in Burngreave.

The now trending fundraiser campaign for Emosi aims to collect £60,000 to hire professional therapists to work with children individually at Emosi, a facility to be set up next to Ellesmere Children’s Centre.

The fundraising message said: “We have the facilities but we need to raise £60,000 to pay for a team of professional therapists who will work with our children, understand their needs and provide them and their parents or carers with a structured plan of support and care that will help them overcome their challenges.”

Dr Sharon Curtis who works at the Ellesmere Centre and who started the fundraiser said that many agencies and experts have already expressed their enthusiasm about the project, and the community has also been giving positive feedback.

She said: “We just need the money now to get started. With luck, we hope that in a few years this initiative will be success story with a long waiting list, receiving children not just from here but from all around South Yorkshire.”

The project is aimed to be a pilot effort and the organisers hope to raise awareness of the importance of mental health support for pre-school children.

As Dr Curtis explains: “In recent years we have seen an increase in learning difficulties, that could in some way be attributed to our society getting more impersonal.

“We used to have more in-person communication before, but now we just tend to put a lot of digital devices in front of children that make a lot of noise.

“Society is struggling to share any sort of quietness and to help children deal with emotions like anger, happiness and remorse at an early age.”

The centre would provide support for children with learning difficulties from ages two to 12. Even though Dr Curtis is mostly passionate about helping families out in deprived areas such as Burngreave, she hopes that in time families from all over South Yorkshire will come to them for their services.

Dr Curtis said: “We can’t offer these one-on-one services for free, but we have been in contact with a number of additional partners and local authorities who could help resourcing our project.”

Even though the project is in its initial phase, Emosi has already managed to garner the interest of enough experts and therapists to launch once the money has been gathered. They have managed to raise £210 during the course of one day and hope to reach their goal soon.

See Emosi’s fundraising page below:

Featured image via Emosi