Fly Tipping in Barnsley is escalating and ‘disgusting’, according to local residents.

Fly tipping is still on the rise in Barnsley according to local residents, despite efforts by Barnsley Council to curb the problem.

The council set up the Dumpit and Scarper scheme in December as part of the Everybody Think campaign.

They created an installation outside the town hall where they piled rubbish which had been found fly tipped in areas such as Wombwell Woods, an area badly affected by the problem.

Dumped waste products in Wombwell Woods

The idea was to raise awareness of small businesses who offer low cost waste disposal services, but then fail to correctly dispose of the waste, instead dumping it on woodland.

Despite this campaign, many residents claim the problem has become worse.

Local man, Dan Rose, 28 said: “I don’t think the Dumpit and Scarper scheme has made the impact that they set out for it to achieve.

“A lot of people seemed to have kind of ramped up fly tipping as opposed to using things like tips.

“For me, I see Wombwell Woods and think it’s such a mess there. But it’s bad in pretty much any area. Anywhere there’s a bit of woodland people just dump stuff.

A settee dumped in Wombwell Woods

“One time we found a bin bag full of cannabis! Right where people are taking their kids, or walking their dogs.”

The council claim it is too early to measure the success of the project.

Commercial Services manager, Dale Sparks, said: “I think there’s longevity in the project. There has been a shift from where the new signs are, to dumping in areas where there are no signs.”

“I think the money has been well spent, although two likes on a video is not great from a social media point of view.”

Many argue the campaign isn’t doing enough.

Tyres and general waste in Wombwell Woods

Mr Rose said: “The council have got a problem, as they have to try and tackle the right issue.

“Just cleaning it up all the time isn’t solving anything.”

In efforts to improve the issue of dumping general household waste, Barnsley Council have today announced a new scheme which advertises improvements to Bulky Waste services.

For example, if you’ve got a settee you wish to dispose of, they can take it away for £10 for one item or £20 for up to four items.

Mr Sparks said: “The council is now the cheapest collection service. Cheaper than a man with a van operation.”

Some residents suggest they should do more to encourage businesses to dispose of waste correctly by offering lower rates at the tip sites, or by offering annual subscriptions at a discounted rate.

Signs at the West Street tip

Mr Sparks said: “It comes down to money.”

“It’s a question for the taxpayer. Are you willing to pay for businesses to dispose of waste for free? Would they be willing to have a council tax to cover this?

“It’s not just the person who gets rid of rubbish who can be prosecuted. The person who the waste belongs to is also culpable.

“We need to make people aware of this, but at least we have made a start in tackling the problem.”