Flint backs Corbyn resignation as Labour loses one seat and holds two in Doncaster

After 22 years as the Labour MP for the Don Valley constituency, Caroline Flint lost her seat to Conservative candidate Nick Fletcher.

Despite this, she was the only one of the Labour candidates who remained to answer questions as both Dame Rosie Winterton and Ed Miliband stormed out of the count after retaining their seats.

A tweet earlier in the evening suggested that Flint was unhappy with the current leadership of the party, and when asked if Jeremy Corbyn should resign, she said simply responded “Yes”.

In a contrasting pledge of allegiance, Mr Fletcher echoed Boris Johsnson’s mantra of “Get Brexit done” after taking his seat as the first Tory MP in Doncaster since the 1950s.

Labour held onto Doncaster North, but Ed Miliband was pushed all the way in a scare for a seat that has never been any colour but red.

In what was a dismal night for Labour in general, Mr Miliband was downbeat for a candidate that had just retained the seat he won in 2005.

He took to the podium having suffered a 22.1% drop in the vote that saw his majority over the Conservatives slashed from 14,000 to just over 2,000.

Labour candidate, Rosie Winterton, kept her seat in Doncaster Central with 16,638 votes.

Dame Winterton, who was first elected in 1997, also suffered a substantial decrease to her majority, with Conservative candidate Roberto Weeden-Sanz close behind her with 14,360 votes.

As was the theme of the night, she refused to answer questions following the result but said in her speech: “I want to thank the people of Doncaster Central for re-electing me. It has been an honour to represent you for the last 22 years.

“It is a sad night for the Labour Party and, as Ed said, we must reflect on that.”